October 2nd, 2018

Business Security

If you are a business owner or the manager of a logistics department, you should consider adding security cameras to your logistics center. Not only can this help keep your assets secure, but it could also improve the productivity of your employees as well. Security and surveillance solutions in the industry are increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 11.7 percent. It’s time for your team to get on board.

Keep Your Assets Secure

One of the most significant reasons why logistics companies should consider adding security systems is because it can help protect their assets. There’s no denying that the logistics industry is growing tremendously, and will continue to do so into the future. Protecting your assets means more revenues in your pocket.

One study found that distribution centers have doubled in size in the last ten years. If you are using an outdated security system, there’s a good chance that you are not monitoring all areas of your warehouse adequately. If you do not have a security system at all, this means that you are at a more significant risk of theft than ever before, from both your employees and from outside sources. 

A perfect example of how surveillance can impact the logistics industry is seen in Dallas, which is a tremendously-large hub for shipping. According to Dallas Police, commercial crime incidents have decreased by roughly ten percent over the past eight years. The department says that the reason for the reduction in crime is because of advanced technology, including the use of surveillance cameras.

Get The Most Out Of Your Employees

In the logistics industry, your employees are exposed continuously to items of value. With no security systems in place, it’s easy for temptation to set in and for employees to take advantage of the fact that they are not being monitored. If the problem is not that bad, the employee may be lazy, perhaps not working as hard as he or she should. If the problem is severe, the employee may be stealing from your company.

Just the mere presence of security cameras could help make your employees more productive. Logistics managers often use security cameras in one of two ways. They will either monitor employee behavior and reward those who are working hardest. On the other hand, managers can observe behavior and punish those who are taking advantage of the company.

Install A Security System In Your Logistics Center Today

Having a security system in place can help ensure that your company remains profitable and that all of your shipments are arriving at their point of destination entirely intact. Contact a local security expert for help with a surveillance system. 

Dyezz Surveillance and Alarm

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