October 22nd, 2018

Security Design

There’s no denying that security cameras are one of the best deterrents to stop a burglar from breaking into your home or business. When it comes to the type of security camera that works best for a surveillance system, the megapixel camera is at the top of the list. The surveillance advancements made by megapixel cameras have changed the way that people view their professional security systems. Since they were first introduced in the security industry, they’ve been in high demand. Here are the top five advantages of using megapixel technology to guard your property. 

Five Advantages

• They offer higher resolutions. The image resolution of a megapixel security camera is at least 4x higher than a traditional analog CCTV camera. This provides greater detail in what you see, allowing you to better identify the subject. In comparison, an analog security camera can have up to 704 x 480 pixels, while a megapixel camera outperforms this by providing 1280 x 1024 pixels. 

• The proof is in the details. When viewing both live and recorded video, megapixel cameras let you zoom in on specific areas with minimal loss of definition. This allows you to capture details such as facial features or license plate numbers. Traditional CCTV cameras lack this forensic detail, producing lower quality footage that can put you at a significant disadvantage. It can be the difference between capturing a criminal and letting one go. 

• They can save you money. With megapixel technology, you’ll need fewer security cameras to be able to get the level of detail that your surveillance system requires. This reduces the overall cost. Since one-megapixel camera captures up to four times the area of a traditional camera, you can use a one-megapixel camera in place of four traditional security cameras to reduce installation cost and time. 

• The end of PTZ. Before the megapixel security camera, you needed a PTZ camera to scan wide areas. PTZ cameras are great for surveillance, but they have a shorter life and require more maintenance. Plus, they leave large areas unmonitored and unrecorded as they sweep back and forth. Megapixel technology provides the same wide area surveillance capabilities as PTZ cameras while capturing the complete picture at all times.

• They are easy to use and install. Megapixel cameras are hassle-free and connect right to your existing network. Simply pull one cable to the closest Ethernet port and call it a day. The software provides a search function that scans your network for cameras, so adding the camera to your viewing window gets you started. And like any IP camera, you can view and manage features remotely, via your network and over the Internet

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