September 7th, 2018

Security Design

If the thought of home security has crossed your mind, then you probably also had a plethora of questions about home security go through your mind as well. How many security cameras will my home need? How much will it cost for all the security cameras to be installed? These are all questions you can easily answer yourself if you stop and consider your needs.

Why do you want the security cameras for the home? Do you need security cameras for your business to help deter retail theft? Answering this questions will put you on the right track to figuring out how many you will need and where they will need to be installed around your home or business.

Where Should You Place Security Cameras?

There are several places you may want to have a security camera placed in and around your home including the front and back doors, the living areas, your child’s room or nursery, the garage, basement, and each floor of the home.

For a business, you will want to consider security cameras for the entrances and exits, the traffic choke points, and areas in which you store high-interest assets.

Reasons to Have Security Cameras

There are several reasons one may want to have security cameras around their home or business.

  • They can be used as a deterrent. Security cameras are just one way you can protect your home or business from burglary, break-ins, and theft. Having security cameras in several key areas will help offer protection twenty-four hours a day.

  • You could use the footage from the security cameras as evidence if there were a break-in or another incident. For this, you will want to ensure you are using high-quality video cameras and make sure they cover the most important areas of the home or business.

  • Gain remote access. Many security systems these days can now be remotely accessed so you can check on your home or business anytime you wish from your smartphone. This allows you to stay connected and informed.

If something were to happen, you would also receive an alert to your phone if, for example, movement was detected. It gives you the opportunity to make sure your home or business is safe and secure- even when you aren’t physically at the location.

Type of Cameras

Another question to consider when determining how many cameras you will need is the type of camera you will be purchasing. A wireless camera system is more affordable, easier to install, and much more convenient than a wired variety.

Wireless cameras have Dual-Band WiFi, are waterproof, and include a built-in SD card while wired cameras can catch and see more, allow mobile viewing, and are also waterproof and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

Conventional Versus Infrared

Finally, an advantage of having infrared cameras is being able to see better at night when most break-ins typically occur. Motion detection can also be triggered in real time, and these cameras can be installed indoors and outdoors.


To determine how many security cameras you will need, you need to consider the options you have and what exactly you want to protect in either your home or business. Once you can answer the questions of where, what kind, and how much, you will then be able to adequately determine just how many you will need to ensure that your home and business remain safe and secure at all times.

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